Saturday, June 11, 2011

NiXa Xperience: Scarletta


New Faces Show ~ CMA Fest ~ June 11, 2011
Featuring: Scarletta, Russell Dickerson, Greg Hanna, Chase Rice, Florida Georgia Line
The Wildhorse Saloon ~ Nashville, TN

Photo Credit: Val Jean Photos
NiXa Xperience:  The show was high energy, non-stop entertainment, and crowd interactive.  Each band members gets the spot light.  While Aubrey Collins is lead vocal, they are all singing, and in awesome hamony.  Benji Harris is on guitar, and Nathan Stoops on fiddle, WOW fiddle !! 

Nathan Stoops
Photo Credit: Val Jean Photos
Benji Harris
Photo Credit: Val Jean Photos
Aubrey Collins
Photo Credit: Val Jean Photos

Our Background Story:
We met Nathan Stoops in May 2011 at a friends barbecue.  He let us know that he was traveling to LA for the LIVE shows of American Idol.  Nathan was playing fiddle for contestant Lauren Alaina, and when we tuned in for the show, he was on stage during several performances and ultimately 5 episodes of the show.  Lauren finished second.

We met Nathan again on stage at Big Shotz in Nashville playing fiddle for Molly Hunt during the NIXA Country Worlds Largest Fan Club Party IV on June 11th.  We were also introduced to Benji Harris, who played guitar for Nicole Johnson during her performance with us for the same event.

Nathan asked us to come see his band, Scarletta, perform at The Wildhorse Saloon in Nashville, later that night for the CMA Fest New Faces Show.  The third member of Scarletta is Aubrey Collins, who we had ironically interviewed a few years earlier, after she joined Trick Pony, soon after Heidi Newfield left that group.  Needless to say we were excited to check out this new band, called SCARLETTA !!

"Scarletta is a country/rock band from Nashville, TN
with hair-raising harmonies and unforgettable hooks."

Scarletta members are: Aubrey Collins ~ Benji Harris ~ Nathan Stoops
Their EP is being produced by Blake Chancey.
Management by: MTM/RPM Rusty Harmon.
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