Thursday, March 19, 2015

Halfway to Hazard Announces Fresh Start to Overcome Painful Past

The duo shares emotional story behind their stalled career and their fresh start.

Country Weekly | Tammy Ragusa | Published: Mar 19, 2015

Their story would read like a fairy tale, if there had been a happy ending.

David Tolliver and Chad Warrix—Halfway to Hazard—went from playing a local Nashville nightclub to being discovered by one of the hottest producers in country music to having a single at radio (“Daisy”) and securing the opening slot on one of country’s hottest tours—Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s Soul2Soul 2007 tour.

But the road can be hard, especially for a new act experiencing the first flicker of fame, and, as David says, “It’ll weigh on you after a while.” But still, the musical magic they made was undeniable, and even though Chad released a solo music video and David turned his focus to writing, there were still plenty of fans, including Lee Brice, Troy Gentry and Keith Anderson, who had faith that the boys from Kentucky would find their way back.

In a new video, David and Chad begin telling the painful and emotional back story of what caused the band's decline and how they are hoping to overcome the past to take another swing at success and get their much-deserved happy ending.

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